Speed up construction and cut costs without compromising on quality.

Innovative developers, local authorities and housing associations are fast embracing steel framing technology. They know it speeds up construction, cuts design and build costs and reduces impact on the environment – without compromising on quality.

We can design, manufacture and install steel framing for almost any building, from houses and flats to hotels and leisure centres. We can also transform your traditional plans and designs into steel frame systems, allowing you to reduce costs and increase the scale of your existing projects.

Steel frame construction is fast

Building with steel frames is up to 10 times quicker than normal construction methods. Four people can build one house in one day.

The process is quicker. Steel can be up to 30% lighter than timber, which means it's up to 60% easier to handle.

We bring our 'factory in a can' – a portable facility – to the work site. This makes construction faster and has environmental benefits (see below).

Erecting steel frame building is not weather dependent, meaning projects aren't held up by rain or bad conditions.

Special piling technology means foundations can be laid 50% quicker, regardless of land type.

Steel frame construction is cost effective

It costs up to 30% less per square foot to design and construct a steel frame building.

A single 20 tonne lorry-load of steel will build 93 apartments of 770 square feet.

You enjoy early cost certainty – costs are predictable and manageable at every stage from preliminary design through to construction, vastly reducing the likelihood of late-stage budget escalation.

You can see a return on your investment in as little as 6 months, as properties get to market faster.

Steel frame construction is high performance

Steel frames are fabricated and assembled to within 0.5mm accuracy.

We have an exclusive UK and European partnership with Piertech, meaning we are the only firm to use their innovative helical steel piling technology. This allows foundations to be built much quicker and even allows you to build safely on certain types of contaminated land.

Our patented flooring system, based on circular sway brace technology, keeps above-ground movement in check.

Whether designed from scratch, or converted from traditional plans, all of our steel frame blueprints are warrantied and thoroughly checked by a qualified engineer.

Steel frame construction benefits communities and the environment

Light gauge steel framing results in up to 10 times less waste than timber. Our process, including off-site construction, results in up to 70% waste reduction overall.

One cubic metre of steel can produce up to 21 times more houses than timber. Up to 85% of steel used can be recycled.

Helical steel piling means no acidic, concrete foundations in the soil – eliminating contamination.

Our on-site 'factory in a can' results in fewer polluting journeys, less disruption to communities and opens up job opportunities for local people.

We source our core material from Liberty Steel – the world's first carbon neutral steel company.

Light gauge steel framing opens up a world of new possibilities for modern construction. To enjoy all of its benefits, find out why Redbrooks is your best choice for steel frame design, manufacture and installation.

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