One solution that has frequently been talked about as a way of solving the current housing crisis is to build upwards on existing buildings, in comparison to creating new housing that interferes with the green belt or other protected areas.

Airspace development has seen increased awareness for a number of years now and more and more projects are being delivered in this way. Such development was given a boost last year when the government made changes to the planning system to make it easier for individuals and developers to build upwards.
Here, at New Ways our Airspace division is taking off, whether it’s full turnkey or supply only packages – Light gauge steel works perfect for this type of build with its high performance and weatherproof qualities.

One of our first projects within the airspace division was in partnership with Brac Developments for a north London scheme – Tait House.

Brac Developments were quick to recognise the benefits New Ways could provide using our modern method of construction and sustainable materials. We got involved right from the design stage and turned around production for this project in just 4 weeks!

This meant savings on design and build costs as well as gaining build time due to off-site manufacturing reducing on-site timelines. The benefit we deem most important in our current climate is that the light gauge steel frames are produced using recycled materials. They are designed for longevity of more than 200 years but at the end of its life, 80% of this building will be recyclable.

We realise the potential of roof space and have the expertise to design these types of developments.

If you’re looking for more information on supply for an airspace project, call us on 01268 206495 or send a message to
Further information on benefits of our LGSF system can be found under ‘Why Choose Steel Framing’.